Michelle Chiu

The Knowd

Mobile UI/UX Design

In-House Intern Project at The Goat Farm Arts Center


Last year, I was a UI/UX Design and Software Engineering Intern at The Goat Farm Arts Center. Originally a cotton-gin manufacturer, The Goat Farm is a frequent location for movie shoots (as seen in The Hunger Games and The Walking Dead), a live performance/music venue, and - most importantly - a haven for working artists. I had the opportunity to join in on an in-house project which aimed to connect creatives within the Goat Farm community.



Called "The Knowd," the application was a solution for those looking to connect with other individuals with certain skills, resources, or pieces of knowledge. Although the app was only limited to those within The Goat Farm, the team hoped to release it to the Atlanta art community when development and interest had solidified.

I was tasked with redesigning their mobile experience. As an intern, I met with the team weekly for ~3 hours to discuss goals, tasks, and sometimes feedback from new users. I'd also spend some time developing front-end features in React.js.


final product


The screen to the left illustrates what the user would see after signing into their account. In this instance, "Mark" is connected to Eric and is in the "orbit" of #TheGoatFarm. The external nodes labeled with question marks are other registered members of the "#TheGoatFarm orbit" as well as connections of Eric that  that Mark has yet to connect with.

The search bar allows the user to search for a person who has a skill, equipment, or piece of knowledge that you're looking for. If you come across someone of interest who you are not yet connected to, you can ask to be introduced to that person. The mission of the application is to allow people to connect intimately in-person; thus, you can only add contacts if you have their phone number or share a mutual friend.

To those who you are already contacts with, you can suggest endorsements that they can add onto their profile. Additionally, each profile has their own notes section that can only be seen by the user itself. This feature was devised when the Head of Operations at Goat Farm told me about how he meets so many individuals in the Atlanta community and oftentimes only remembers who the particular person is by jotting down relative notes or pieces of information.