Michelle Chiu

Hi, I'm Michelle!

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 Taken at the Chadran Gallery in San Francisco, CA during the "Beauty of Decay" exhibition.

Taken at the Chadran Gallery in San Francisco, CA during the "Beauty of Decay" exhibition.


places I've worked at

Goat Farm Arts Center
Bank of America
+ more


I will be joining BuzzFeed as a product design intern on the Tasty team this summer.

I am still open to full-time opportunities in product design, UI/UX design, creative technology, and front-end engineering.


I'm a Brooklyn-bred creative who finds joy in spending long afternoons in art museums, in storytelling through photography, and by designing experiences that captivate users. I strive to create meaningful and memorable connections between people and digital mediums through decision-making rooted in empathy and strategy. I work with a design process rooted in data-driven research and ethnographic approaches.

I went to Georgia Tech where I studied Computational Media with a minor in Industrial Design. My university experience was an amalgamation of computer science, digital media, and design, shaping my interdisciplinary background. Recently, I was a KPCB Fellow at DoorDash dabbling in design and front-end web technologies.

Fun facts that I normally throw out in icebreakers:

  • I've traveled to 9 countries and lived in 6 different cities (including one abroad for a semester). Always on the hunt to add to the count!
  • Photos I've taken garner surprisingly exciting attention every once in a while. Some cool places where my images have landed:
    • As selected featured submissions on Unsplash with 1 mil+ views and 6k+ downloads.
    • In a mobile gallery truck where prints were available for purchase and 100% of profits were donated directly to the Atlanta Community Food Bank.
    • On a viral Buzzfeed article garnering over a million views.
  • I got caked hard by Steve Aoki at his Brooklyn Mirage show.

I love when people reach out - don't shy away from the button below whether it's to chat over brunch, discuss potential opportunities, or just a simple hello! 😊👇🏼