Hi, I'm Michelle!

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Hi, I'm a Brooklyn-bred creative who finds joy in designing experiences that captivate users… and can nail impressive leaps in heels (see left).

This past May, I graduated from Georgia Tech where I studied Computational Media with a minor in Industrial Design. My interdisciplinary background comes from this mix of computer science, digital media, and design studies.

Most recently, I was a product design intern at BuzzFeed on the Tasty team. Currently, I am interning at Wish as a product designer. I’m also actively seeking full-time opportunities.


places I've worked at

Goat Farm Arts Center
+ more

BONUS Fun ice-breaker facts:

  • I've traveled to 9 countries and lived in 6 different cities (including one abroad for a semester). Always on the hunt to add to the count!

  • I’ve been lucky to have had my photographs featured in a variety of places: Unsplash (8k+ downloads), in a mobile gallery truck where prints were available for purchase and 100% of profits were donated directly to the Atlanta Community Food Bank, and on a viral BuzzFeed article garnering over a million views.

  • I once got caked hard by Steve Aoki at his Brooklyn Mirage show.

I love when people reach out, so don't shy away from the button below whether it's to discuss potential opportunities or leave a simple hello! 😊👇🏼