Hi, I'm Michelle Chiu.

Product designer at Coinbase. Editorial writer at Rarible and top writer in design on Medium.
Previously Meta Creative X, MongoDB, Frog, Wish, BuzzFeed, DoorDash, Apple, & Microsoft.

Recent Achievements

2022 Rarible Editorial Content Contributor
2020 Bestfolios Editor's Pick Featured Site
2020 Medium Top Writer in Design
2019 Adobe Design Achievement Awards Recipient
2019 Hexagon UX Mentorship Summer Cohort
2018 IDEO CoLab Makeathon Selected Participant
2017 KPCB Engineering Fellow

I enjoy

Thrifting vintage finds, long walks in art museums, and reiterating how sore I am from my last boxing class


Redesigning MongoDB Billing

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Launching DoorDash For Business

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Spearheading Fulfillment By Wish

How might we allow merchants to ship their products to our warehouses?

Designing for Augmented Reality

How might we design features to leverage AR capabilities in the context of automobiles?

Improving Usability at Frog Design

How might we help a financial client redesign their legacy application?