Product Designer • March 2019 to Present • New York City

At my current role, I help design for the Cloud Core Identity Access Management and Billing and Integrations teams.

Design Philosophy
For access management tools. we design user experiences to easily modify ownerships, permissions, settings, and preferences on our platform with no confusion. We value security, intuitiveness, and ease of use in the way our interfaces are used and maintained.

On billing, we believe that our customers deserve an accurate, comprehensible view of their sensitive billing information. Everything we ship has been consciously planned and well-tested, to ensure delivery of a highly impactful experience. If you pay for a product, the bill you receive is part of that product experience.
• Inclusive, collaborative design, using the knowledge and experience of our teammates to back-up our ideation
• Robust user testing with as-close-to the target user as possible
• Actionable short-term wins that help build towards larger long-term innovations
• Systematic design, keeping in mind how one change affects the whole system
Projects & Relevant Initiatives
PayPal Integration
I was responsible for integrating PayPal as a new payment method on our platform. Since then, our revenue streams from self-serve customers have increased by over 30%.
Redesigning Design System Components
As a side project, I decided to redesign the stepper component in our design system. Read more about the process in a blog post here.
Design Meetup Talk
I spoke to creatives in the NYC area (alongside designers from AngelList and Facebook) about how I broke into the design industry at a meetup hosted at MongoDB. Read more about my talk on the MongoDB Blog or on my own piece on Medium.
Customer Success Manager Monthly Roundtable Meetings
After developing with many customer success managers throughout my multiple projects, I organized a monthly roundtable meeting since I saw a need for a forum for product, engineering, and billing to share ideas, initiatives, and customer feedback.
"Meet the Product Design Team" Blog Post
To educate future candidates and interns on what working at MongoDB would be like, I decided to lead an initiative to highlight members of our design team. I worked with marketing to organize responses from the team and publish the piece on our official blog.
To learn more about my projects in-detail, reach out to me via email.