Product Design Intern • August 2018 to December 2018 • San Francisco

I helped elevate our merchants' experiences in e-commerce through thoughtful designs and illustrations.

During the fall of 2018, I spent my time learning from the talented Platform team at Wish which focused on merchant user experiences on the e-commerce application. I upped my illustration skills, heightened my understanding of how to build design systems, and collaborated heavily with marketing teams to build international guides in multiple languages. You can read more about my internship experience in a blog post here.
Fulfillment By Wish (FBW) Initiative
I was the lead designer for Fulfillment by Wish, an initiative where merchants would be able to store their inventory in our warehouses in order to expedite shipping times. I created the landing page (including the main illustration), rebranded the old logo, and was in charge of all marketing materials.

Ultimately, the designs led to $34+ million in related GMV and 1.8+ million FBW orders to-date.
Design Systems
Since my background is in both computer science and design, I asked to help develop components for the design system on our team in React. I ultimately helped create the color palette for our team, including gradients, in React, and presented it in a team meeting where I showed developers how to implement the component in their day-to-day workflow.
Side Projects
At one point in my internship, the Berkeley Innovation Lab came to visit our office. We were able to give students an office tour, talk about our jobs over lunch, and share our journeys into design.

Additionally, I worked on a T-shirt design for my team, as there had not been "official swag" designed for the team previously.